Ronaldo explains the rift between him and Erik Ten Hag after explosive interview

The table has been shaken and everyone is trying to save their heads. While many are finding it difficult to come to terms with the revelation made by Ronaldo, it doesn’t cancel the fact that the club has refused to evolve.

Take a look at the club, everything remains the same after sixteen years. If my child or business remains the same after 2years then no other adjective will be best suited for it than ‘failure’.

In the true sense of it, has Manchester United failed? this is a question for you to answer but take a look at the following videos here.

Perhaps, Ronaldo is just the scapegoat bearing the sins of the others, because he is definitely not the only player in the team who thinks the same thing about the club.

Now let’s come to the manager, Manchester United parted ways with Mourinho and what did the Portuguese say about the club…?, also, when the club was almost close to signing either Ancelotti or Zidane, then came the rumour that the board doesn’t want arrogant football managers.

Wow, we are talking about class and quality managers here. Does it mean the board is okay with being average? I can’t say but speculatively what could be closer to the truth.

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I think Erik Ten Hag should stand up to the board and challenge them to do better. Ronaldo might as well be helping the Dutch manager by revealing these truths. If that makes the board sit up to the responsibility then Ten Hag will have a smooth run with the team.

But with Ronaldo’s statement, there seems to be a lack of synergy between him and Erik Ten Hag. Apparently, the future of the Portuguese captain at Old Trafford is not very certain.

“I don’t have respect for Erik ten Hag because he doesn’t show respect for me,” Cristiano Ronaldo said in his exclusive interview for the Piers Morgan Uncensored show.

“If you don’t have respect for me, I will never have any for you.”

Ronaldo has become a bench player under the new manager, having started just four out of 14 possible league games for Manchester United this season so far.

The forward also failed to show up for pre-season on time, citing family reasons, and once left the pitch before the end of the match.

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