April 14, 2024
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Real Madrid: Here’s why Timo Werner wouldn’t be as bad as people think

Real Madrid currently lack attacking options, and even though it’s very clear that they need a striker right now, they aren’t actually making a move for any player at this current moment.

All we see are reports of them trying to sell players that don’t want to leave.

However, for a very brief were being linked to Timo Werner until Mario Cortegana came out and squashed all potential links with the player.

They are not interested in signing the German on loan or permanently, according to Cortegana.

But, after that, I was thinking, like, it wouldn’t have been the worst idea in the world to have Timo Werner as a bench option, would it?

Werner on loan would be OK, and he’d be more productive than Real Madrid’s current bench forwards

Like, OK, yes, he’s a really bad finisher these days, but sometimes, all a player needs is some confidence and the ability to score comes running back to him.

Look at what happened with Vinicius Jr. under Carlo Ancelotti, the man’s a beast now.

I am not saying Werner would turn into a beast as well, but, well, confidence does matter a lot, and if the club was getting him on loan, it wouldn’t have been the worst idea to try him out.

Besides, the club lacks attacking options as it is. If we look at Rodrygo as a starter, then the club only has Mariano and Marco Asensio on the bench as attacking options, neither of whom are good enough to be Real Madrid players.

Asensio can be decent off the bench, but more often than not, he is a bystander and doesn’t help the team in any way.

Werner, at the very least, is a line breaker. He can stream forward with or without the ball, make darting runs behind the defensive lines, create chances for his teammates and sometimes, even score goals.

If he gets his scoring touch back, then it would be a great option to have for a season.

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