Man Utd and Chelsea ticket decision at risk as fans threaten legal action

Supporters of Chelsea and especially Manchester United fans have chosen to adopt legal action over a ticket issue affecting Man Utd’s Premier League trip to Chelsea next weekend.

It is reported that most Manchester United fans are not happy with the way they are being treated by Hammersmith and Fulham Council as well as the Metropolitan Police.

Having been sold tickets for an away allocation of 2,994 for their trip to Chelsea on October 22, their allocation has been cut by more than 600 with worries over disorder from the police.

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Speaking after the decision was made, a spokesperson for Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) said: “For a Supporters Trust to engage lawyers is always a last resort, but enough is enough.

“United fans, and football supporters in general, have had their fill of being on the receiving end of unfair and irrational decisions by Councils and the Police who seem to consider us to be a public order problem rather than ordinary people freely enjoying a day out.

“Tickets had been sold for this game and fans are being treated like second-class citizens.”

As a club, Manchester United now face the issue of having to rescind 624 tickets that they have sold for the fixture. It’s unclear how they will choose to do that but, however they do it, it will cause problems within the fanbase.

If the issue cannot be resolved between the relevant parties, it seems likely that legal action will be taken by the affected supporters. Although, all parties will be hoping to avoid that eventuality by coming to an agreeable resolution.

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