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Just In: Man United midfielder reveals why he flopped last season and absolves Ronaldo

It is worth applauding when players own up and accept responsibility for their poor performance. Manchester United midfielder, Bruno Fernandes, has throlled that path as he reveals why he performed poorly for the club last season.

Fernandes said his poor performance for Man United last term had nothing to do with the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo last summer.

The 28-year-old, who has experienced a significant drop-off in terms of contribution in front of goal, said he could not blame his Portugal teammate, adding that it was because he didn’t do the best in some moments to get goals or assists.

“Most of my assists last season were for him, so I don’t think (it is fair),” Fernandes told The Athletic.

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“I just had a poor season in terms of my own numbers. I don’t think it is about Cristiano or myself.

“Before he came, I was also taking the penalties, but I had two chances to take the penalties last season, and I missed both. So I cannot blame Cristiano for taking penalties, especially when he scores them.

“When I missed against Arsenal in April, it was him who gave me the ball and said, “Go yourself and score”. I missed, but I felt that he trusted me to be the one to step up and score in the big moment.

“So I don’t think it is because of Cristiano, it is because I didn’t do the best in myself in some moments to get goals or assists.”

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