July 13, 2024
Job Visa In Australia

Job Visa Offer In Australia, What To Do Now

I have been presented a job in Australia, what visa do I need?

Have you recently been supplied a job in Australia but don’t understand what kind of Australian visa you want to work in Australia? This article is for you.

According to research, most Australian employers choose hiring job seekers who are already residing in Australia while a few others forged their nets abroad searching for skilled workers of overseas nationals.

As a result, it’s no information that getting a job in Australia from Africa, Asia and some other components of the world can be tough however now not impossible.

For some of these who have been supplied jobs in Australia, the subsequent question is often, “what type of visa do I need?”.

Before answering the above question, let’s seem at the types of Australian Work Visas/Permits.

Types of Australian Work Visas/Permits:

It is well worth noting that the authorities of Australia affords many types of work visas such as Business Owner, Distinguished Talent, etc. However, we’ll center of attention on the Australian work visas associated to this post.

1. Holiday Work Visa

The title of this visa makes it self-explanatory. The Holiday Work Visa is issued via the Australian government to foreigners who desire to work in Australia on a short-term basis while vacationing in Australia. This visa is issued to individuals between the ages 18 to 30 and expires after 12 months.

2. Employer Nominated/Sponsored Visa

This kind of visa is issued to these that have been provided jobs in Australia. Please be aware that the Employer Nominated/Sponsored Visa is a everlasting visa so the job offer have to come from a recognized, registered/licensed Australian employer.

So, if you have been offered a job in Australia, the Employer Nominated/Sponsored Visa is what you need. However, you need to discuss to your enterprise concerning his role in the visa utility system as the Australian government might also demand some files from them.

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