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How Cryptocurrency Price Changes and What Affects its Value

Imagine you are a doctor. One of your sufferers regains cognizance from a country of coma considering that 2017. He wakes up and tells you that [cryptocurrency] Bitcoin was trading around $20,000 as per his closing memory. What is its rate now? So, do you keep him a second of shock via bringing up that it is nonetheless the same? Or do you inform him that it went up till $68,000 just to come back at the identical price?cryptocurrency

This doctor’s predicament is real for most of the buyers in the crypto space. One regularly wonders how cryptocurrency price modifications so absurdly. If you HODLed strong in the contemporary headwinds, you would possibly marvel what affects the value of cryptocurrency. You need to have come across some critics who claim that cryptocurrency has no fundamental value. Do you have a tendency to believe them in such situations?

Well, if that’s the case, do not fear. Today, we design to assist you analyze how cryptocurrency price changes and what impacts its value. Let us get started.

How the cost of cryptocurrency is Measured?

Screenshot 20220805 133746 1Time to bust some myths. A lot of human beings use the phrase price and fee interchangeably. However, that is the worst way to strategy any investment. Price is truly what you pay to purchase an asset (cryptocurrency in our case) and the price is decided by using the underlying fundamentals. It is what resides in the asset.

While rate is decided by using the market forces of seller/buyer, the price is decided through the normal history, revenue, growth potentialities of the crypto project.

Here’s a rapid instance to show this. Back in August 2020, Tesla did a 3-for-1 stock split. This means that each man or woman who holds 1 stock of Tesla (say at $100) would now get 3 stocks really worth $33.3 each. A lot of agencies do this to ensure reachability and retail participation in their shares. My query is that does it mean that Tesla’s value reduced to a 0.33 after this stock split? Hopefully your answer is a strong NO.

Now the higher question is how to locate this value? Because if you comprehend the price of a crypto, you can compare it with market price and predict if it must go up or down.

If the market price > value, the crypto is stated to be in overbought zone. In the lengthy run, expenditures will match its actual value.

If the market rate < value, the crypto is undervalued or oversold. You can take a wager on the expenditures going up to healthy the cost in a lengthy term.

Factors Influencing the charge of cryptocurrencies:

Now that we had a honest thought of deciding the price of cryptocurrencies, let us dig deeper into the short time period charge action. How is the charge of a cryptocurrency impacted on a daily basis?

A. Supply and Demand:

In the short run, market forces of supply and demand have an effect on the rate of a crypto. It is economics one hundred and one If the supply>demand, the price falls and on the flip side, if demand>supply the price jumps up.

In case of cryptocurrencies, one needs to be wary of the whole grant of the tokens. Since these tokens are no longer based on any manufacturing metrics, they can be generated out of skinny air. A whitepaper would give you a truthful notion of how plenty total tokens are there and how are they distributed.

For example, Bitcoin is capped at a provide of 21M. On the other hand Ethereum has unlimited supply.

B. Availability on Exchanges:

When a new token is launched in the market, it is regularly made on hand on a decentralized exchange first. Listing on a decentralized trade is easy and everyone can do it with the aid of including liquidity. However, buying by a DEX is now not as simple. There is very niched subset of outstanding customers who use DEXs to purchase crypto.

As a result, a lot of crypto tasks after getting set up layout their checklist on Centralized exchanges or CEX. This exposes them to a more recent set of audience and for this reason the demand pumps up pushing the charge up.

C. Governance and Regulation:

Cryptocurrencies are continually perceived to be the holy grail of decentralization. As a result, they (especially Bitcoin) are regularly viewed as a threat to the economic device set up by the government.

Which is why there is a lot of uncertainty and gray place around the regulation and taxation of these assets. This influences the expenses each and every time a news is pushed by means of the media. A wonderful news like El-Salvador accepting Bitcoin as a felony tender would push up the expenses and on the different hand rumours of Indian government banning crypto would damage the market sentiment.

Finding Value in Cryptocurrency:


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Now that you know the drill, you must be itching to find out how can you discover the underlying value of a cryptocurrency. Here’s a mannequin that could help.

Fundamental Valuation: Crypto Asset Valuation Engine (CAVE):

A quick disclaimer before we proceed, this mannequin is one of the many fashions to evaluate cryptocurrencies. A prudent investor always does his own research earlier than investing. Coming again to this model. It tries to discover the intrinsic cost of the cryptocurrencies using the following metrics:


It is extremely essential to recognize the source of revenue of a crypto project. A lot of projects have doubtful and shady income streams. One should certainly define this in their whitepaper.


Do you make investments in the shares the place you are unaware of the founding team of the company, crew size, guide board etc.? No right? Then why should crypto be any different?


Recently, an infamous venture called Terra collapsed. It resulted in a wealth destruction of $50B. Once the venture went to the dust, human beings commenced digging up the past of the founder- Do Kwon. It was once revealed that he was once the face in the back of any other failed, similar project. If any one had carried out this due diligence earlier than that, it would have saved them from this mayhem.


Cryptocurrencies are digital. There is nothing physical backing them up. Therefore, the core fundamentals of a project lie in its algorithm and code. A realm where the ‘code is law’, one needs to consider it earlier than punting their money. If you aren’t equipped with the talent to audit code, there are web sites that may want to do it on your behalf.

Socials: Finally, you want to check if the mission has omnipresence across all social media platforms. Is the community vibrant enough? Are they speakme about the venture or just GMing every morning?

Fundamental and Relative Value:

We simply observed out how we can determine the worth of a cryptocurrency using fundamental analysis. Another key metric to method this hassle is acknowledged as relative value.

While indispensable analysis definitely focuses on the asset’s intrinsic value, relative fee helps us gauge its valuation as compared to its peers. This is the equal of evaluating rate to incomes ratio of exceptional stocks in the traditional finance.

In crypto parlance, you ought to use relative fee to examine the expenses of one-of-a-kind sectors like L1s, L2s, DAOs, P2E tokens etc.

Volatile Behaviour:

Even the volatility of a crypto is a feature of its fee discovery. Market equilibrium is a state of affairs the place fee is equal to demand. However, that is barely the fact for any financial market in the world.

This is even greater relevant to cryptocurrencies which are plenty younger than their counterparts. Maybe mass adoption will pave the way for stability. But for now, the curler coaster rides are real.

Ethereum Push Notification System:

Despite the cryptocurrencies being extremely volatile, fortune favours the utility. And one venture that is heavy on its promise is EPNS.

EPNS is a decentralized verbal exchange protocol for Web3! Using which any dApps, smart contracts, backends or protocols can send comm (starting with on-chain / off-chain / gasless notifs) tied to consumer pockets in an open, gasless, multichain and platform-agnostic fashion. The open comm layer permits any crypto wallet/frontend to faucet into the community and get the comm across.

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