Ex-Vice Chairman Ed Woodward role in Man United sale finally revealed

Ed Woodward might have a significant role to play in Man United’s sale, claims the Daily Mail.

The ex-United CEO has reportedly been approached by multiple potential buyers, who want him to act as a consultant for them.

Woodward is open to working on the deal and still shares a strong relationship with the Glazers, whom he helped buy the Red Devils in 2005.

Ed remains a respected figure among football and financial circles, as he could return to Old Trafford to get a potential sale over the line.

Woodward left his role as United CEO earlier this year, with Richard Arnold succeeding him in that position.

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According to a different reporter, “Woodward has been asked to act as a consultant for their potential purchase – which is similar to how he began his working relationship with the Glazer family”.

While this might seem a good approach businesswise, it might not eventually pan out well for the obvious reason that; Woodward doesn’t hold a good relationship with the fans due to his dire influence on the club during his time as executive vice-chairman, even if the Glazers felt he did a remarkable job in their quest to strip annual dividends out of the club.

The next owners will be paying for a lot of the damage caused by Woodward.

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