May 25, 2024
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Erik Ten Hag speaks up after Manchester United’s terrible start to the 2022/23 season

Manchester United opened their Premier League 2022/23 season with a 2-1 defeat to Brighton. Everyone was once hoping that United would make a comeback in opposition to Brentford however the fact used to be the precise opposite.

United found themselves 4-0 down in the first 1/2 and failed to rating a single purpose as the fit ended in a humiliating scoreline of 4-0.

Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag has now spoken about his team’s performance in the post-match press conference. Here’s exactly what Ten Hag said:

Erik Ten Hag on Man Utd’s overall performance vs Brentford

What do you put today’s end result down to – the procedures or the softwarae of the players?

“I assume we all have seen the game. I think Brentford were more hungry for one, and two we conceded dreams from individual mistakes. You can have a suitable plan, however then you put the plan in the bin.”

Was it a good tactical plan? United had been caught out via the press many times…
“Yes, I suppose it was once nothing to do with tactical [aspects]. The first two goals is about dealing the ball, that’s one, and decisions.”

You’ve now lost two Premier League games to historically smaller groups who appear extra hungry than your squad, how is that possible?
“We have to query that and we will in the coming hours.”

The fans believe the gamers don’t care, how do you fight that accusation?

“When the results are like this, I can imagine that feeling. It’s no desirable that we confirmed that, clearly. We are to change that, we need more hunger on the pitch as humans and as a team.”

Last week you said it would be a ‘hell of a job’ to turn United round, how do you experience now?
“Nothing different, I suppose that still. It was confirmation today.”

Erik Ten Hag on De Gea, Eriksen and Martinez’s displays

Does your device go well with De Gea? Can he play from the back?

“I have the confidence that he can do it. Obviously the 2nd goal, OK [he made an error], but I’ve seen already in education and the first games he can do that.”

Eriksen’s no longer played as a six regularly in this country
“Yes, however he didn’t have to receive the ball there. We gave options, the players have to chose, however yeah, we stated play long, invite them and play long.”

Why did you substitute Martinez? Are you worried about his adaptation?

“I subbed three [at half-time] however I ought to have modified them all. We wanted to carry fresh strength into the game and no longer specific to the one we subbed because I don’t assume that’s trustworthy to them.”

“They are my players and we are together. We are in a without a doubt tough state of affairs and we are clear, we have to stick together. We have to discover the sources and we have to locate solutions.”

Erik Ten Hag on Manchester United’s philosophy

The mood seemed high quality in pre-season and they were following your instructions, why do you assume that’s now not happening now?

“I assume they observe my instructions, but yeah, they make awful decisions. This is football, it’s a sport of mistakes. We bought punished.”

United have been defined by means of spirit and not giving up, today they surrendered, how do you flip that around?
“We have to do it. It’s clear [we want to] analyse and it’s now not possible that the opponent is more hungry than you are. In the 2nd half of I noticed a comeback, but you have to begin well. That’s no good.”

Would you consider altering your philosophy if these gamers can’t play your company of football?

“This is a conclusion. I will no longer admit that. I assume they can, they confirmed already in pre-season, this has nothing to do with that. This is about when you make mistakes we make tonight, each diagram or strategy you can put in the bin.

“I don’t favor to play from the back when it’s now not possible. It’s naive how we performed today. It was more about playing direct. We attracted them, there was space high on the pitch, however you have to play that option. You have to choose that option, that’s what we didn’t do. But we will learn, we have to learn. But it’s no excellent at this level, certainly no longer the trendy that we want.”

Is there some thing you can do to improve self trust or is it some thing they want to work on alone?

“No, that’s our job, we have to work on that and motivate them. They also have to get it by means of themselves due to the fact they know they are desirable gamers however they have to be a crew and take responsibility.”

Erik Ten Hag on Manchester United’s future

Are you surprised greater gamers haven’t been cleared out?

“Yeah, but I don’t prefer to talk about that. I prefer to think about this performance today, it was poor. I choose to suppose about that and how we can type it.”

Are you worried this will put transfer aims off of coming to United?

“I don’t think about that. I think about getting the high-quality out of this team, these players, and we need to fortify the squad but at this moment it’s now not my concern.”

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