Chelsea captain sends strong message to new signee Mudryk after impressive debut

Chelsea captain sends strong message to new signee Mudryk to guide him after impressive debut

Chelsea is doing all it can to build a formidable team that will go ahead and challenge for titles and get back to their winning ways. In order to set him on the right path, Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta sends a message to new signee Mudryk.

In his message, Azpilicueta advised Mykhailo Mudryk not to let his price tag inhibit his ability to express himself on the field.

The 22-year-old made his debut in Saturday’s goalless draw against Liverpool at Anfield, his first appearance since November, following his £89million transfer from Shakhtar Donetsk.

This could make the Ukraine international Chelsea’s second-largest transfer acquisition after Romelu Lukaku, but Azpilicueta has urged the player to disregard the financial implications of the deal.

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“He’s very confident. The price tag, I know from the outside it’s there but we players don’t make the prices,” he said.

“It’s a market and when you are in the market you have competition to get players so I don’t think it has to lie on his shoulders.

“He just has to express himself the way he has been doing. It’s great to see his energy and he will be a very important player.”

Mudryk came off the bench for a promising cameo, creating Chelsea’s best opportunities in the second half and posing a threat on the left flank.

Azpilicueta believes that it will not take long for the newcomer to catch up.

“I’ve seen a very focused lad with great determination, great ambition,” he added.

“It was his first game since November so, for him, it was like pre-season.

“He played 35 minutes at Anfield so it’s not the easiest debut and I think he did brilliant.

“He’s a player who can have that mix between playing good football with his feet and also running the space, you could see his speed.”

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